Brittany Hall

Author, Speaker, and Coach

“I help professional women heal from past abusive relationships, rediscover their worth, rebuild confidence and self-esteem in order to live a more prosperous and productive life”

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Meet Brittany Hall

Brittany is a Domestic Abuse Survivior who believes in personal growth and inner peace. She is the founder of BreeLee, Llc, a business designed to guide women in their journey to heal from domestic abuse and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.


Author, Speaker, and Coach, Brittany’s mission is to eliminate the stigmas surrounding domestic violence victims and uplift her sisters in their own journeys to confidence and peace. 

“I knew I couldn’t be the only one dealing with this type of trauma- my goal is to educate others who are confused and still hurting from their experiences.”


TheShattered House:

Escape from Broken

One crack here, two cracks there, you try your best to hide them, but eventually it all shatters, will you break out from the breakage; Life Coach, Brittany Hall shares a riveting, soul barring story entitled, “The Shattered House: Escape from Broken.”


Silent no more; one must decide. Author and Life Coach, Brittany Hall embarks upon a spiritual awakening in her latest book, “The Shattered House: Escape from Broken.” Rather you know someone, experienced it yourself, or you’re currently going through cracks of emotional trauma here and there, this book was written with you in mind.


Prepare to witness a personal in-depth encounter of a woman who declared war on the vices of abuse which bound her. Discover how she escaped the broken walls and healed from all of her shattered pieces. At each page turn, readers will walk through the house where pain was built, lies were told, secrets were kept, distrust began, rage prevailed, and more.  This book was designed to specifically empower and encourage those who have suffered in silence; made the painful choice to remain with their abuser(s), and for those who decided to leave in their minds but were unable to execute in reality. Each page is full of useful concepts to escape from brokenness for those who may be actively or inadvertently intertwined in an abusive relationship.

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